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Aromatherapy is not just a fragrance limited to bath, body and grooming products but refers to the use of therapeutic grade, pure essential oils or hydrosols in various formulations for a specific healing or medicinal purpose designed to influence the overall health of a human or animal.
For many, essential oils are believed to be energetic, powerful, substances capable of influencing, changing or balancing the vibrational energy and aura of animals and humans for the purpose of holistic healing.
We have scientific data that aromatherapy works on an animal's physiology.
Essential oils contain antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, sedative, stimulating, and regenerative properties to name a few. Because plants and mammals are evolutionarily chemically interrelated, the use of natural, plant-based therapies are the stepping stones of our metabolisms to aid in balancing and healing the body with few if any side effects.
Aromatherapy has the ability to treat a vast number of everyday ailments in a completely natural, effective manner including:
Allergies Dirty ears Hypersexuality Mange
Anxiety Fatigue Incisions Motion sickness
Bad Breath Fear Infected ears Skin infections
Burns Flatulence Insect bites Skin irritations or hot spots
Congestion Flea & tick infestation Insomnia Teeth cleaning
Cracked paw pads General detoxification Itchy skin Teething pain
Cuts and scrapes Grief Joint & muscle pain Unhealthy fur & coat
Deodorizing Hyperactivity Loss of appetite Weak immune system

New! Lumps and Bumps

Two NEW Blends!
Lumps and Bumps I helps to reduce warts, skin tags, cysts, papillomas and other benign growths.
Lumps and Bumps II helps reduce lipomas or fatty tissues.

Any growth should be evaluated by your veterinarian.

Balance Endocrine Health

Supports healthy colon, kidney, urinary and liver function.
Supports the body's natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances, assists in purifying, cleansing and detoxifying.

Lifespan Lymphatic Health

Supports healthy immune function and helps protect
against free radical damage.Supports the body's natural ability for healthy cell proliferation and lifespan.

Superbly Gentle Shampoo and    Aromatic Grooming Spray

All Shampoos and Grooming Sprays made from biodegradable
plant-derived, safe and non-irritating raw materials.
Use Aromatic Grooming Spray for a freshening up between baths.
Choose from our custom essential oil blends.

Special Care Blends are available in shampoo only -

  • Skin Soothing for itchy skin and allergies 
  • Healing for small wounds and skin infections 
  • Calming for anxiety during bath 
  • Flea & Tick repells pests


Available in grooming spray - pick your favorite scent:

  • Refreshing Citrus
  • Fresh Herbal
  • Woodsy
  • Spicy Clean
  • Delicate Floral.

Leaves coat shiny and healthy.
All blends are subtle, not overpowering, and your BFF will smell wonderful.


Ear Cleaning Formula

Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, and skin regenerating to prevent and clear infections in the ear. Spray in ear or on cotton pad to gently remove surface dirt and wax. Never enter the ear canal with fingers or objects. Consult your veterinarian if an overproduction of wax is noticed which may indicate an allergy.

Itchy Skin Soother

Calm and soothe inflamed skin conditions, reduce itching, analgesic and provides antihistaminic effects. Spray on large area or soak cotton pad with solution and apply to itchy, reddened, or irritated skin to ease symptoms and speed healing. Not recommended for open wounds or hot spots (moist acute pyoderma).Infection or rash may indicate allergic reaction to diet, cleaning products,or airborne pollens and mold.
Consult your veterinarian.

First Aid Antibacterial Salve

Antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating salve for minor cuts, wounds, scrapes, burns, insect bites, bruises, eczema and post-operative incisions. Apply to infected or wounded area. Creates a moisture barrier while soothing and hydrating the skin. Petroleum and preservative free. Do not apply on large, deep or puncture wounds which may heal on the surface trapping bacteria inside.

Flea & Tick Repellent

Apply topically to fur, or spray on cotton collar or bandana. Will repel
insects including fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, gnats for 4-6 hours. All natural organic essential oils. Contains no pesticides.

Tooth and Mouth Care Spray and            Non-Toxic Toothpaste

Non-Toxic Toothpaste: brush or apply topically to protect mouth, gums and throat against germs and other harmful microbes. Removes plaque and stains but does not damage tooth enamel. Safe for ingestion.


Tooth and Mouth Care Spray: Helps bad breath, abscesses, sore gums, digestive disorders, sore throat, blood sugar balancer, and to boost immune support. Spray in mouth, let dog lick from hand. Add to cotton pads and wipe on teeth.

Separation Anxiety & Calming

Combine gentle massage with aromatherapy to create a positive
experience. Avoid spraying on pet unless relaxed. Spray lightly around bedding, on bandana, or massage topically to pads of feet. For cats, mix with baking soda and sprinkle in litter box.

Kennel Cough & Congestion

Apply topically to fur on neck and chest, or spray on cotton collar or
bandana. Spray in air to inhale or use in diffuser.
Also for sinus congestion, allergies, asthma, heatstroke.

Achy Joints and Sore Muscles

Can be used for achy joints, stiffness, arthritis, muscle soreness, hip dysplasia or sprains. Gently massage on skin on sore area.

Digestive Aid & Flatulence

Can be used to restore normal bowel function, flatulence, allergies, diarrhea, digestive parasites, motion sickness, internal ulcers or vomiting.

Be SMART using Essential Oil aromatherapy. Use sparingly and follow directions. A little goes a long way.

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  • All products contain Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.
  • All other ingredients are certified organic of the highest quality.
  • These products are intended for dogs from the smallest to biggest breeds and are diluted so they can be applied per dosage needed.
  • Do not use on puppies under 6 months and always consult your veterinarian when in doubt.
  • Use sparingly and follow directions. A little goes a long way.
  • Avoid getting in eyes (both yours and your dogs).
  • Although these remedies are gentle, free of adverse side effects, and easy to use, always use caution.
  • All recommendations are based on third party research and their effectiveness.
  • Please follow directions for use. Only use internally where advised.
  • Only use with adult supervision and keep safely from children and pets.
  • These formulations are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
  • prevent any disease and are not a substitute for professional healthcare.


These formulations are not for sale on the internet. This site is for information only.
If interested in using these formulations, please contact me.
I will be happy to share with you.
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