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"Quote from customer"
I got some of the Kennel Cough Spray for my chihuahua this past Saturday from you at the curry st market. I just wanted to let you know that it has helped him tremendously especially with all this smoke from the rim fire. He's always had problems with what the vet calls a reverse sneeze and they said it was caused by allergies and to just give him Benadryl. Well we try to be as natural as possible and giving a 10 pound dog Benadryl daily doesn't seem like a good idea to me, so when I saw your Kennel Cough Spray that said it would help with allergies I figured it couldn't hurt worse than Benadryl so I got some. I made him a little bandana and spray a little on his chest and a little on the bandana. It works great! It only takes him a couple breaths to quit sneezing. Thanks again for giving my bebe some relief. - Naomi B.

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